June 3, 2016

99 Bottles of...

Y'all, this baby gear thing is daunting.  At some point when I actually know what works for me and the tiny human I'll share all my favorite things...but until then, I'm navigating my way through...
If you are pregnant or have a friend that is, BUY THIS BOOK. It's essentially a consumer guide to baby gear and it was a huge help in putting together my registry and figuring out what I do and don't need. There's still one area where I'm unsure, but there's an answer for that too.
I never knew there were so many baby bottle options. And who knows what feeding is going to look like for me. Thankfully, First Foods gets that and saved me from buying bottles that the baby may or may not like.  
With five different bottles (all of which I received recommendations for from different friends) and 16 nipple options, there's bound to be one that meets the baby's needs. And once I know which one is the winner, I'll order more. Done and done. 

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