March 24, 2016

Oh Joy! for Target

Any readers of the blog Oh Joy!? Well, she recently launched a collaboration with Target, and it's SO CUTE! From baby clothes to nursery and home decor there are some ridiculously adorable things. So much so that when I ordered this lamp for the nursery, I also made my first purchase for baby McB.

The experts say I'll need lots of sleepers, so these seemed like a very practical purchase.

And while I didn't get one, how cute would one of these figurines be on the shelf of a nursery or little girl's room! 

Looking for a house warming or birthday gift for a girl friend? This small bites appetizer plate set is just the ticket (have I mentioned my obsession with cute dishware?).

With their vibrant colors, these pieces will definitely bring joy to your life! 


  1. Yes - you will need LOTS of sleepers. But steer clear of snaps!! At those 9pm/11pm/1am/3am/5am feedings when you haven't slept for days/weeks you are going to be insanely appreciative of zippered sleepers. We tossed all the snaps and invested in zippers only - best money I've ever spent.

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