February 4, 2016

Products We Love

A number of months ago I posted about the Organic cosmetic brand Juice Beauty (post here). I was introduced to the brand through barre3 and first purchased the cellular repair cream, which is like a beauty balm. I'm still using it and like it, except for the slightly dirt like smell, but what do you expect, it is organic. 

Since my original post Gwyneth Paltrow has come on board as Creative Director for the makeup line, which makes me like the brand slightly less, but it won't cause me to take any drastic measures, like conscious uncoupling. 

Anyway, back to the products. A few weeks ago I realized that my Laura Mercier mascara was ready to be replaced, and one of my goals has been to switch to natural beauty products. Unfortunately my go-to company Beauty Counter doesn't make mascara, so I decided to give the Juice Beauty mascara  a try. 

I didn't even have to order it through the mail as they sell it at my local Pharmaca. 

I highly suggest trying it! 

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