March 25, 2015

Products We Love: Juice Beauty

I was recently introduced to Juice Beauty through barre3. All of their products are organic and sourced mostly from local West Coast USDA Certified Organic farms so they can monitor the quality and limit fuel waste. Juice Beauty cares not just about the quality of the products but the quality of process by which they are made. They manufacture the majority of the products with solar power. They believe staying local is better for our community and eco-system. They believe harnessing sustainable energy is better for our planet.

I have been using the STEM CELLULAR CC Cream for the past few months and thought I should share it with all of you.

I use it on a daily basis to even my skin tone, to moisturize and to protect it from the sun (SPF 30). It provides a nice "dewy" look and leaves my skin looking and feeling fresh. It does have a bit of an "earthy" smell which I notice during application, but not after.

It doesn't provide the level of coverage that the Misha BB Cream does, but I'm pretty sure that the Misha product is filled with harmful ingredients I don't really want to know about. I still use the Misha cream for special occasions, but the CC Cream is my new daily go-to. I am currently using the Desert Glow, but I think next time I order it I will go one shade darker with the Warm Glow instead.

Here's a quick product video if you want to learn more.

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