December 14, 2015

Bye Bye Underwire

I've worn the same Gap Body t-shirt bra everyday for almost there years (post here). I've realized after all this time that the bra that I thought was such a "perfect fit" is far from it. I have a small chest, and a muscular frame, meaning the top of my bra cup is far from "filled". I'm guessing there are other readers with this same problem. Anyway, the t-shirt bra gave me a nice shape (false advertising as my husband calls it) but the bra did not fit me. 

I decided to try some bras from from True & Co, and while the majority of what I ordered was sent back, I did find one bra that is much closer to a perfect fit than anything I have worn before. The Maya Wirefree Convertible is my new everyday bra. I ordered two a few weeks ago and just ordered 2 more yesterday. I am SO happy to be free of the underwire, and this bra actually fits my body. There is still a small amount of space at the top of the cup where there isn't enough breast tissue to fill it out, but it's a lot less than my previous bra. 

I highly recommend anyone with similar bra problems give this a try! They are currently offering a 2 for $64 sale on this style. 

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