November 16, 2015

What I Wore: Trunk Club

Over three years ago I blogged about Trunk Club as a great option for guys that don't like to shop. But it's not just guys that need a little help sometimes. Regan and I have both tried Stitch Fix (read about it here), but I really wasn't impressed with the clothes - or the stylists' ability to pick things that appealed to me.
Ladies, our dressing prayers have been answered. Trunk Club (which was acquired by Nordstrom last year) is now catering to women! We're lucky enough to have a "Clubhouse" in D.C. so it's goes beyond the online experience and you can meet with your personal stylist in person. I've had ZERO time lately and knew this could be a great way to get some much-needed jeans and pants. I had a conversation with my stylist Nikki before going in for my first appointment. We talked about what I needed, where I shop, designers I like, sizing, price point and all sorts of other things to get an idea of my personal style. She pulled a bunch of cute things for me, but I tried to stay focused on what I really needed. I came away with three pairs of pants (including these flares), a white turtleneck that is the perfect layering piece (I might need the other two colors) and the most amazing cape (clearly I lost my focus on what I "needed").

As you can see flare jeans are back - and I have to admit, I'm LOVING them. There's nothing better than a good flare to slim and elongate the leg - especially when you pair them with a pointy-toe pump.

I'm hosting a few friends for a happy hour the beginning of December at the Clubhouse where the four of us are going to try on the things that Nikki has pulled (she'll do the same phone call with each friend before). It's going to be such a fun time! I'll make sure to report back with any other purchases. I'm not going to totally give over my shopping to Trunk Club (I love finding things on my own too much), but it's definitely something I'll do on a quarterly basis. It's good to have someone else shop for you every once and a while. You can sign up here! 

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