November 17, 2015

Basement Remodel Update

The basement remodel is coming along! The drywall is up and it's actually starting to look like a finished space. I thought I'd give you a little progress update.
Laundry/storage area/hallway

main room (from the bathroom)

Changing things around in the current space, means we have to get rid of a few relics from the original house - including this incredible 1930s farmhouse drainboard sink. It's likely this sink was in the kitchen originally (before the days of laundry rooms). If we had a huge laundry room, this guy would definitely stay. But alas, it's got to find a new home.

We also have to find a new home for this pedestal sink. Know anyone refurbishing a farm house? These two gems would be the perfect addition! I'm selling both if you're interested (send me an email at - and I'll give you the C & C friends and family deal.


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