November 2, 2015

Blake Lively Style

When Blake Lively was pregnant she wore this incredible cape. Damn Gina.
I remember thinking I could definitely attempt to pull that off...but went upon my merry way knowing that it probably was a wee bit out of my price range. Pretty sure sister isn't a Maxxinista. Fast forward to last week when she appeared again on instagram in yet another incredible number with info about the designer. And my infatuation was reinvigorated leading me to the designer Lindsey Thornburg's website. 
Lindsey made her first cloak from a vintage Pendleton blanket given to her by her grandfather in 2006. Fast forward nine years and no big deal, Blake Lively is wearing her clothes (that had to be a pinch-me moment). They are definitely a splurge, but in my humble opinion, a worthwhile one. One of these days I'll own one, believe you me. In the meantime, I'm lusting after these.
Black Los Ojos Trench Cloak

Wuptaki Trench Cloak
Timberline Trench Cloak
Black Skywalker Trench Cloak

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