October 29, 2015

Suited Up

The Mini Fashionista and I just got back from a week in Mexico. I posted this photo on my personal Instagram account and got a lot of compliments on the bathing suit, so I thought I would share. 

First, a shout out to my friend AS who actually gave me the bathing suit top on our trip. It never fit her to her satisfaction so she offered it to me, and I love it. The bottom is J Crew that I recently got on sale (here).

The suit is the Ripcurl Mirage Color Block Bikini. Here is what the back looks like.

And the front, which you see in the photo.

While you can't get the exact same top as mine, you can get the updated version on sale on 6pm.

You can also get it in a coral/black combination on ASOS. It's even on super sale (buy it here)

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