October 27, 2015

Lyon and Post

A few weeks ago I placed an order from a new online shop called Lyon + Post. Here's the great thing about it...you shop online, but you don't pay for anything until you decide to keep it. 

Here's how it works. You sign-up, shop their online "catalogue", add things to your "try it on" list and once you have four in your "dressing room", they send it to you. No shipping. No payment (yet). 

Here's what the box looks like upon arrival. 

Pretty packaging!

And here are the three things that I ordered. The first was this Equipment blouse that was on sale.

And while I liked it, I wasn't overwhelmed, so it went back in the return envelope. 

The second item was this Greylin blouse also on sale for only $31!

Considering I started out with a $30 credit, I knew immediately this was staying in my closet. 

And lastly I ordered these sundry shorts, also on sale for $45.

These too were keepers. 

I wore both the Greylin top and the Sundry shorts on my trip to Mexico last week! The shorts are cute and comfy, and I'm hoping the Sundry sweatpants on their site come back into stock.

Lyon + Post is pretty much like shopping on any other online store. The only difference is that there's no shipping cost (in either direction), and you don't actually get charged for any of the items until you choose to buy them. Think of it like being in a dressing room, except in the comfort of your own home. 

I will definitely be ordering from Lyon + Post again. You should give it a try. If you use this link you will start out with $30 in your shopping cart just like I did! 


Happy Shopping!

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  1. Thanks for the tip! With a 2 year old and another baby coming next week, a trip to the mall just isn't in the cards right now...I am definitely trying this out - thank you!!