September 17, 2015

Did You Know

I take a lot of pictures. There is no denying it. During our recent 8+ hour drive from France to Austria I decided to tackle all of the duplicate and unnecessary photos on my computer.

The problem with photo stream is that unless you delete all the extra photos on your phone, they atomically migrate to your other devices and to the cloud, taking up storage, and in the case of my computer, slowing it down. I'm pretty sure my last computer lost it's umph and had to be replaced prematurely because I never adequately managed my photos.

That won't be happening again. Here is something I learned in my hours of "photo management"....

When you delete photos in iphoto, they DO NOT go to your computer's main "trash". Instead, you must empty your iPhoto trash.

Here's how to do it!

I hope this frees up as much space on your computer as it did on mine! Happy weekend.

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