September 21, 2015

C&C Around the House: Kitchen Reveal

Our kitchen update is complete and we are really happy with the final product! Here are the before and after photos! 

One of our main goals was to install a hood. So we moved a cabinet...

And voila...we have a new hood and a new cooktop (and no kitchen TV). The hood is Vent-a-hood and the cooktop is Bluestar. We would have liked to install a rangetop instead, but since it is in the corner, we didn't have the room. 

Another "big" change was the elimination of this garden window that my husband really despised. I kind of liked having the extra "storage" space, but I wasn't attached to it.

So we installed a new "tilt and turn" window. Since it is blocked by the faucet, we won't really be using the "turn" function, but I really do enjoy having the top "tilted" open. It's the perfect amount of air. 

This wall didn't change drastically, just the countertop and backsplash. 

Overall, the kitchen feels lighter and brighter. 

Here are the full room before shots.

And now the after.... In case you are curious, the tile is Ann Sacks Capriccio subway tile in fiore matte, and the countertops were done by Cement Elegance.

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