September 23, 2015

C&C on the Move

The second part of our European Vacation took us to Chamonix, France...a mountain lover's paradise.  Everywhere we turned there were snow capped peaks, glaciers, mountain lakes, trams, gondolas and most importantly trails to explore! I took so many incredible pictures that there are too many to share, but here are a few from our adventures.

We spent nearly everyday hiking in the mountains. My husband and I even celebrate our 9th anniversary with an incredible 5 hour 23K hike.

This was the view from our deck. That is Mt. Blanc in the snow capped distance.

This is the center of Chamonix and the race finish of the Ultra Trail Mt. Blanc, the largest trail race in the world, that took place while we were there.

We mostly "cooked-in", but we did find the local "American" hang-out that is NOT TO MISS if you are in Chamonix.

It's owned/run by a American team of a mother and her kids. The food is awesome and the entire staff was so friendly and welcoming.

If you love hiking/running in the mountains than Chamonix would be your paradise. We are already planning our next trip back. 

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