August 3, 2015

Products We Love: FlipBelt

This weekend I went walking with a friend. She stored her phone and credit cards in her what I thought was the top band of her shorts. I was wrong. She was wearing a FlipBelt. Ever heard of one, yeah, me neither. 

This awesome, machine-washable, spandex band has four pockets for your phone, credit cards, keys, you name it. Wear it with the pockets turned toward your body to make sure nothing falls out. 

It comes in an array of colors and is great for walking, running or the gym. The great thing is it blends right in with whatever you're wearing and you're not beholden to workout bottoms with pockets. 

This is a product I can get behind! 

1 comment:

  1. I don't run but this would be PERFECT for travel!