August 13, 2015

Products We Love: Beautycounter Update

Earlier this year C & C did a Beautycounter giveaway. Here's a little refresher about why we love this company and its goal to get safe products into people's homes and onto their bodies. 

C & C #protip - download EWG's Skin Deep app to check out the 1-10 rating on your products. Beautycounter doesn't have anything higher than a 2. 

I recently hosted a group of my favorite ladies to learn more about these awesome products. And, of course, I couldn't not add to my growing collection. 

Here's what I got and my initial feedback starting with my favorite products.

Vibrant Eye Perfector - I've never used eye cream, but I guess as 40 gets closer than 30, it's time to start. Now that I've been using this for a few weeks, I'm wondering how I ever got by without it. It seriously feels like putting little cloud puffs under your eyes - I can feel it's wrinkle-fighting powers. The eye cream is here to stay. 

Lustro Face Oil 1 - Regan blogged about this in January and is almost out. I can see why! I LOVE this. I've been adding a few drops to my moisturizer and also using it independently. There are three different levels based on your skin type. I've also got the 2 and will probably be switching over to it during the winter months. 

Color Pinch Cream Blusher - Like the eye cream, I'd never used a cream blusher before. But after hearing and reading about what can be in color makeup products, I was eager to try something I knew was safe. The best part about this cream blusher, when you're in a pinch, it doubles as a lipstick. I bought the caramel (it has a bronzing effect) but might need to add the hibiscus to my collection. 

Routine Clean Cream Cleanser - I bought this product to specifically use with my Mia2 Clarisonic. It has the consistency of Cetaphil and doesn't soap up as much as the Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser that I've been using (the price is about the same). I'll probably make the switch to Beautycounter long term since it looks like the Clarisonic product has some suspect ingredients (I will miss the suds though). 

Color Define Brow Pencil - I recently started filling in my brows (remember this post) and was pretty hooked on Brow Power. When mine ran out, I knew I wanted to try what Beautycounter offered in this space. I love the coverage it gives, but miss the "twist" of my Brow Power. But with a rating of "6," I probably won't be going back. Hey Beautycounter, can you make a cream pencil for us lazy girls who don't want to sharpen the pencil? :-)

As we think about what we put in our bodies in the way of food, doesn't it make sense that our beauty products should follow the same rule of thumb?

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