August 12, 2015

C & C Around the House: Hello, I Live Here

We've officially lived in our house three years (crazy!!). In the 13 years I've lived in D.C., moving in to this house was the first place I actually felt "at home." I'm not sure if it's the house, or the guy I moved in with (he's kind of awesome), or a combination of both, but I definitely had a Carrie Bradshaw, "hello, I live here." moment. 

If you've followed the blog for a while, you've probably seen shots here and there when I post about different projects or pieces of furniture. We were incredibly fortunate to move into a home completely redone by a builder with really good taste - down to the paint colors. With ONE exception - the powder room. The pallet in our house is very neutral - but this little burst of sunshine right off our living room was far from subtle. I've hated it ever since we moved in. I'm just not a yellow person. Despite the dislike, there were a number of projects that took priority. So this little bumblebee sat...just waiting for some wallpaper to save it. 

And its turn finally came. After my good friend LE did all the legwork to find the wallpaper store and the guy to hang it (#thatsfriendship) - at a crazy good cost - it was time for a face lift. Originally I thought I wanted to stick with something in the turquoise/gray family. These were a few of my top picks. 

But then while browsing through books upon books, we stumbled upon Thibaut Janta Bazaar...and it was love at first site. If you're going to do wallpaper, especially in a small space, go bold or go home. And that's just what we did. It was hung on Friday and I'm THRILLED with the choice. 

And because it has some hints of brown, we didn't need to change out the mirror or fixtures. 

Over the last few days I've found myself walking into the bathroom just to look at it. I hope it brings the same joy to our guests that use it. 

I'd never heard of Thibaut before, but am now a huge fan. All of their wallpaper also comes in fabric - giving you some truly awesome design options. 

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