August 19, 2015

C & C Around the House: Project Attic Organization

When we bought our house three years ago our attic looked like this. A blank canvas ready to be turned into something awesome. A great office space, extra sleeping space, maybe even a playroom one day.

Unfortunately, that turned into this (but more tidy - I forgot to get a shot until mid-clean). We've used the room more as a "staging area" than a functional space and it was starting to get a little old. Dr. B and I are really well suited for each other in that we like things to be neat and orderly with everything in its place. This, was not that. 

We thought about doing built-in desks, but realized that didn't allow us that much flexibility down the road. And the furniture I was looking at cost a fortune - and this isn't really where we want to be spending our house money right now. So just when I thought I'd "outgrown" Ikea, we were there on a Saturday with everyone and their brother. We picked up two Kallax shelving units with a combination of drawers, doors and Knipsa baskets (I found the awesome wrapping paper storage box at The Container Store). 

An adjustable Galant Desk which will be great when I need to put that wrapping paper to use this holiday season. And an Alex Filing Cabinet where all of our "must-save" paperwork now has a home - the other 12 reams have been shredded and recycled as part of Project Attic Organization. 

And while it still looks a little sparse and not really up to my design standards, we made some serious progress. Dr. B also installed two ceiling fans since the AC has a long trip from the basement all the way to the top floor. 

Needless to say, the end result is what my neat-nick dreams are made of!

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