July 21, 2015

Products We Love: Babo Botanicals

Katie and I spent nearly every summer of our childhood participating in swim team. Back then we had blonder hair (like the Mini Fashionista), so you can imagine that by the end of the summer our hair had taken on a green hue. 

The Mini Fashionista takes swimming lessons two times a week during the year, and during the summer each session is a week long and lasts four days in a row. Needless to say, her blonde tips can very easily take on the same green hue.

A few months ago I started using Swim & Sport Shampoo and Wash from Babo Botanicals

It has been doing a great job of protecting the Mini's hair from the chlorine, and both of us love the smell. Since I liked the shampoo so much, I also picked up the detangler and conditioner.

You can never have too much chlorine protection.

On our recent trip to Sun Valley I left behind Sydney's Beauty Counter shampoo, conditioner and body wash, so I had to restock. I decided to try another one of the Babo Botanical varieties, the Berry Primrose shampoo & body wash and the conditioner. I like these just as much, and the smell is equally as fantastic.

The Babo mission is to manufacture the purest, highest quality and most sensitive hair, skin and sun products. They are made on an organic farm in the USA. Babo Botanicals was founded on the principles of delivering smart skin and hair care solutions crafted with rich, botanical performance-based ingredients for babies, kids and grown-ups too!

Next on my list is the sunscreen!
I highly recommend trying their products!


  1. Have you ever used this on your hair? Was thinking of maybe trying it myself!

    1. I love it too! The swim shampoo and conditioner is also great for removing damage from adult hair. Try it and let me know what you think-Regan