June 1, 2015

C & C in the Kitchen: Apple Roses

This weekend we had some friends over for dinner...which means I got to tablescape - one of my favorite hobbies. When my mom came to visit a few weeks ago she brought with her my great grandmother's China. I inherited her obsession for dishes and it was so fun to mix and match them with our own Bernardaud "Athena" wedding China

My mom has been the bearer of all sorts of good gifts lately - including the dessert recipe I tackled for the first time. It was a good departure from my go-to flourless chocolate cake (blogged about here). And, there's a step-by-step video to boot! 

These Apple Roses will wow your guests, and you don't need the skills of a pastry chef - or even any skills at all really. 

Heading to the oven

Dessert is served
I didn't have powdered sugar with which to top them - they would have looked prettier, but paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I'm pretty sure no one noticed. A few tips I'll be making sure to follow next time I make these. 

- Make sure to slice the apples as she shows in the video (I did the other way and it made them narrower).

- Thin slices are better. It will help make them more malleable when they come out of the microwave. You need them to be able to curve when you roll them up without breaking. 

- I prepared mine ahead of time, stored them in the refrigerator, and then popped them in the oven right before we sat down for dinner so I could serve them warm. 

- Don't forget the powdered sugar! It makes them look even more fancy! 


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