April 6, 2015

Write On

Over the weekend we popped into one of our favorite Portland places, Schoolhouse Electric. It's one of our favorite weekend activities to get a coffee at Ristretto Roasters and to browse Schoolhouse and all of their amazing things. 

Well this wasn't an ordinary visit. While in the store, we were invited to take part in their "Write_On" campaign. 

What is Write_On?

Through this campaign, they are encouraging people to take time to savor the simple pleasures in life, like sitting down and putting pen to paper to write a good ol' fashioned letter. During our visit they encouraged us to join us in the letter writing fun as they mark the official kick off of Egg Press’s National Write_On Campaign, a 30-day challenge to write 30 letters in 30 days over the month of April, which also happens to be National Letter-Writing Month.

I think writing letters is a lost art, and something that I used to do with great frequency, so the Mini Fashionista (and Pete the Cat) are joining the movement! 

I can't wait to see what comes of it. Maybe we will even get some letters back. As a part of the campaign, Schoolhouse will even pay postage and mail your letters if we bring them back to the store! 

Who wants to join in? 30 letters in 30 days! You can do it. 

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