April 3, 2015

Dear Readers, it's Me Katie

Hi C & C readers, it's me Katie. I've been MIA for the last two weeks because of this.

Note to self: you are no longer a teenage ski racer and hitting gates at benefit ski races really isn't necessary. My blogging partner in crime has been carrying the load while I recover from surgery (I spared you the pictures of the pin sticking out of my thumb) and cope with the realities of being a one-handed south paw. Who knew you needed you're right hand, specifically your right thumb for so many things. Thankfully yesterday I got an upgrade to this bad boy. When the mini fashionista says get a purple cast, you get a purple cast.

I'm a little more proficient with my tying (it's still a left-handed peck, but I'm getting pretty speedy) and thought I'd chip in. So here's what I've got for you.

A photo posted by Elena Braghieri (@elenabraghieri) on

 Elena Braghieri, one of our favorite Italian style icons,  posted this on instagram earlier this week. And while I've long been a fan of diptyque candles and scents, I had no idea about these oval little gems. Perfect for a dresser drawer or linen closet, each oval of scented wax is encased in a white porcelain medallion. And while it sort of says "soap on a rope" to me (come on, admit it), you know it takes the old-fashioned sachet to a whole new level.

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