April 1, 2015

Cute and Comfy

Last week I put the following post on my personal Facebook page:

"What are your most favorite sandals or flats that are comfortable for lots of walking in warm weather AND are stylish/chic?" 

I thought I would share some of the responses! Notice that there are a nice variety of styles and prices!

First are the non-sandal suggestions:

And next the comfortable sandal suggestions.

I posted this question in anticipation of our trip to Europe at the end of the summer. And while I LOVE all these suggestions, and already own a number of these shoes, I think I've decided to go with one of my tried and true favorites, Cole Haan.

I haven't purchased them yet as I'm hoping for a Memorial Day Sale or some sort of promo! 


  1. Love the Cole Haans! Cute and comfortable.

  2. I have those same sandals from last year in black. Love them! Cole Haan is the best.