March 17, 2015

Products We Love: Photo Jojo iPhone Lenses

Have you heard of Photojojo? Let me make an introduction...

Intrigued, that's what I thought. If you love photography, this site is for you. And here's my favorite product. The Photojojo iPhone and Android lenses will up your mobile photography game BIG TIME.

The fisheye lets you do things like capture your entire dining room table in one shot (because who doesn't like to document some good tablescaping).  

The wide angle lens allowed me to capture this entire bay in Maui...because cropping off any of this beauty would be just plain wrong.

And with the telephoto you can get 2X closer to the subject of your photo without moving or tapping. 

If you don't like to lug around your camera and a bunch of lenses when you travel, Photojojo to the rescue. 

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