February 10, 2015

What I Wore: Feeling a Bit Blair

Do you ever put on an outfit and feel like you're channelling someone else? Yeah, me too. Apparently my muse are TV-created, upper West side, elitist, teenagers....

See what I mean? I dressed like Blair and I liked it...

Just proves you can be in your mid-thirties and still have a little youthful prep in your professional step. All of this is old, so you can't go buy it (sorry, I'm not that kind of blogger, I actually have to re-wear my clothes). But here's my attempt at recreating it for you. 

Take a striped dress...

Old Navy

And add a school boy-esque blazer (there's nothing out there piped in white right now!!)... It's really that simple.

As for the rest of the outfit (details, details) the tights are ASSETS by Sara Blakely (aka Spanx inventor extraordinaire) and THE ONLY tights I wear and the shoes are Stuart Weitzman booties (which I bought at Nordstrom Rack last winter - you can still get a pretty good deal now! They are giving 50% off the sale price)(less expensive option here). And here's the best I could find for the necklace at a fraction of the price I paid! 

Gossip Girl

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