January 7, 2015

Picky Bar Giveaway

We promised that after a two week blogging hiatus there would be great things in the new year, and today's great thing is a giveaway.

Last year I shared a "Keeping it Real" post by professional runner Lauren Fleshman (post here)?

The post resonated with me given that I write my own "Keeping it Real" posts on a regular basis. So what does Lauren and her "Keeping it Real" post have to do with our giveaway? Well, long story short, Lauren lives in Bend, OR and is a co-founder of a company called Picky Bars. I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren when we were in Bend for Thanksgiving and visited the Picky Bars office with our friend Matt who works there as well.

Picky Bars are super tasty energy bars with a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio that are gluten, soy and dairy free. And my favorite thing about these bars....there is NOTHING artificial in them. Picky Bars are the perfect fuel during or after a long workout. They come in 6 yummy flavors including my favorite Cookie Doughpness.

You can even join the Picky Club and get bars sent to you on a monthly basis. Picky Bars is currently offering 25% off the first month of the Picky Club with code "kickinthepants". They have also offered C&C readers a special 10% discount using the code "cardigansandcouture." I highly recommend giving them a try. I'm a Picky Bar fan!

And because we want to start the new year with something great, we are giving away an entire box of Cookie Doughpness Picky Bars to a lucky C&C reader.

Since I'm a big fan of adventure, I want to know when/where you would eat your winnings? Maybe you have an upcoming ski trip or are planning a hike. Or maybe you are a busy mom and every day is an adventure and carrying one of these yummy bars in your purse would get you through it. To enter, you MUST comment at the bottom of this blog post (comments section) and let us know you did in the rafflecopter widget below.

The winner will be announced on Friday!

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  1. I would eat them after/before my daily workout :D

  2. I would eat mine in the afternoon when I am in that mid-day slump

  3. Probably in my car on the way to an afternoon barre3 Vancouver - Camas class!!

  4. I would eat them while I'm traveling, on airplanes and during work, when I don't have a chance to grab more food.

  5. This is so cool and I love healthy snacks! I ordered the 6 bar sampler to try all the flavors.

    1. They are all good! Glad you took advantage of the discount and placed an order!

  6. I'd pack them in my diaper bag for a healthy snack on the go!

  7. Keep them in my purse for emergency real food snack options for me and my girl!

  8. These look really interesting! I like the idea but I'm going to let someone else win that flavor because it's not my vibe. Do you know if they are sold anywhere in PDX?

  9. After teaching Kindergarten in the car on the way to my happy place for a Barre3 class!!! (Though Kindergarten is pretty happy it can be exhausting)

  10. Another kindergarten teacher here--I would eat then on the playground during our mid-morning snack time!