January 27, 2015

C & C on the Move: Maui Part 1


If you follow us on instagram you probably know that Dr. B and I just got back from an amazing week in Hawaii (sorry for the insta-spamming - it's just too pretty not to take a million pictures).

I've got so much to tell you about the week - where we stayed, what we did, and, of course, what we ate! I've even got an outfit post that doesn't involve a bathing suit and a cover up! So instead of writing the Moby Dick of blog posts, I'll break things up. Starting today with a few general tips and the 411 on our base camp for the week. First, a few things to know before you go. Make sure to download the GyPSy Guide app. For $9.99 you've got a built-in tour guide that automatically plays information when you drive by interesting stops or historical sites - and you don't need a cellular or data network (which is especially nice for the road to Hana - more on that later). I would recommend bringing a phone charger to plug into the lighter to make sure you've got unlimited listening pleasure! My favorite tidbit that I learned...they used to put whale vomit in perfume (verified here)!

And, if you're going to get one guidebook Maui Revealed is the way to go. If you don't get around to picking it up before your trip, they sell it at Costco right by the airport. Which leads me to my #1 tip. Make sure to hit Costco when you arrive. Maui isn't cheap, and it's a great place to pick up snacks, beer, wine, liquor, and everything else you need for the week. It's also the best (and least expensive) place to pick up treats for friends and family (macadamia nuts (dark chocolate covered is my fav), coffee, etc) and fill up your rental car with gas before you leave. 

Now to our home for the week. And when I say "home," going back to Maui felt in some ways like going home. Our family has some long history with the island, specifically Napili Kai where Dr. B and I stayed. My grandparents' ashes are off the coast there, Regan and I were baptized in Lahaina when we were three months old, and before my parents started going to Baja, we spent many a holiday at Napili. I hadn't been back in over 25 years, and while much had changed, it was also the same and just as special as I remember. 

Situated on Napili Bay on the Western side of the island, Napili Kai Beach Resort was founded in the 1960s and still has that "old Hawaii" feel that so many of the island's other resorts can't claim. From "putting parties" and 50 cent drinks to a weekly hula show from local children, Napili gives you enough "on-campus" events that if you don't want to leave the resort the entire time you don't have to. Dr. B and I had nightly "Maui Invitationals" on the 18-hole putting green in front of our room (our view below) - including two holes-in-one by me! 

And because most of the rooms are appointed with a fully-stocked kitchen, you can cook as many or as few meals as you want at the resort (our room was in the newly renovated Keaka II in a "family studio"). This is a great way to stay on track with healthy eating and to keep vacation costs down. And nothing beats a sunrise or sunset meal on the lanai. 

Did I mention the beach? I'm not sure you can find a prettier spot to snorkel, sunbath, paddle board, boogie board, you name it. 

And the location can't be beat - there are some of the island's best restaurants within walking distance (more on that later), Lahaina is a 15 minute drive away, and the west side doesn't have that same touristy feel as other parts of Maui. It's definitely a more low-key environment. That being said, if you're looking for night-life and a modern, swanky vibe, this isn't your place. But, if you, like Dr. B and I, love a more unique experience, want to savor the hospitality of local staff, and appreciate that people return every year for decades, Napili Kai is your place. One day when we have a family, we'll come back to Napili so our kids can experience what Regan and I so fondly remember. 

Check back later this week for Part 2 of C & C on the move in Maui! 


  1. Totally agree with the Costco tip and I have to check out that app!

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