October 24, 2014

Le Tote-Part Un

A dear friend sent me a belated and very fun birthday gift, a two month subscription to Le Tote. You ask, what is Le Tote? Well, for $49 a month it gives you access to unlimited "totes" of clothing that you select for your "closet". 

What happens next? A tote is sent to you with 3 items of clothing and 2 accessories that you have added to your virtual closet. You then have the choice to wear the clothes and send them back for another tote or to keep items and buy them at the "member price". It's a bit like Stitch Fix, but with the option to send the clothing back after you have worn it. 

I was really excited to select the items for my closet and receive my first tote. Without further adieu, here is my "Le Tote" Review. 

I received the following items. 

I didn't even try this shirt on. It would be great for warm weather, but it's cold and rainy here in Portland. I think if they collected more information about style preferences they would be able to send pieces more suited for the recipient. 

This shirt fit well, but was a cheap material and didn't feel any better than a shirt you would find at Old Navy. In fact, I have an Old Navy button down like this that feels higher quality and cost far less than $54.

I didn't wear either the bracelet or the necklace as I decided to send my tote back for other options after just two days.

The only thing I wore from my tote was this sweatshirt. 

I really liked the "quilting" and the elbow patches, but the quality was terrible. It was polyester and rayon and felt cheap. It was itchy and uncomfortable against my skin. I would NEVER spend $54 on something of this quality when I could easily find a similar style in %100 cotton for a similar price.

While I love the idea of this and think it is a super fun gift idea, so far I'm not overly impressed. I have another tote on its way, and I am hoping part deux will be better!

Stay tuned!

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