October 31, 2014

Got the Gimmies

In case you are wondering who is the winner of the Merin Designs Ketchum bag...well, you will have to read this post to find out!

I've got a major case of the gimmies (anyone else read the Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies as a kid?).  And I decided instead of exercising my Amex, hopefully this blog post will do the trick and I'll be cured (unlikely, but one can hope). It's not specific to one area...pretty much runs the gamut.

Holiday decor for Thanksgiving and Christmas...

Turkey Pheasant Wreath

Mark and Graham Preppy Plaid Napkins

Clothes for work...
If I had to just buy one thing, the blue dress might be the one...although the Zara top looks pretty cute.....

Gimmies still present.

Oh, and the winner is.....drumroll please....Dawn Keenan. Congratulations! We will be in touch!

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