September 23, 2014

Day to Night

You may remember this ASOS dress that I posted last year (here). This past weekend in Walla Walla I wore the dress during the day paired with my Michael Kors flats that I bought earlier this summer at Consign Design. It was perfect for walking around the Whitman Campus, for Katie's award ceremony and for wine tasting. We will be sure to post a trip recap soon! 

That night I didn't want to wear the white jeans and blouse I had planned on wearing, so I took a Zara skirt that Katie had given me on the trip and put it over the dress.

Suddenly the dress became a top, and I took the outfit from day to night! Have you ever worn a skirt over a dress? It was a first for me. 

I paired it with these Manolo Blahnik cork wedges that Katie recently found for me for our birthday - she got them on MEGA-SALE (and this is no exaggeration). 

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