September 4, 2014

Bringing Back the Bodysuit?

Remember when the bodysuit was on-trend in the 80s? Yeah, me too. And you probably swore you'd never wear one again? That would be this girl. Well, I might have to eat my words. I hate wearing shirts that won't stay tucked in. Whether it's because they are silk and slippery or just not long enough, it's a major pet peeve of mine. And I'll admit (to the world of C & C readers) that I've been known to tuck my shirt into my underwear to try to keep it in place.

Those days might be over. While they may look a little funny bottomless…

Bradamant's bodysuits will keep you looking professional all day long.  

In a range of colors and styles, these "shirts" would be a great staple to any working girl's wardrobe - you can be on the move, but your shirt stays put! 

Has anyone tried a Bradamant bodysuit? 

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