August 29, 2014

What I Wore - Revenge of the J. Crew Summer Sale

Yesterday I shared with you the sweater I picked up at J. Crew when I had a little coffee mishap at work. And you thought I got out of there with just buying one thing...hah! Likely story. I had to peruse the sale section to make sure there wasn't anything I "needed." And, of course, there was! I've been feeling the Mexican-inspired/boho style that has been the thing this summer, and I'm hoping it continues into next. 

Because now I've got this embroidered pom-pom tank and it's kind of awesome. It was the perfect thing to wear on our drive down to the Inn at Willow grove to celebrate our anniversary (here's the recap in case you missed it on Monday), and I know it will make its Baja debut during Christmas. If the black and white isn't your thing, it also comes in "burnt crimson" and "autumn coral," aka burgandy and orange. 

You probably "need" one too. I'm just saying. 

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