August 4, 2014

Too Many Jackets

Is it possible to have too many jackets? I think not! Last week I had the pleasure of being involved in a barre3 class for a group of Nike employees. It was a very early morning made worthwhile by a really fun group of ladies and a pretty awesome bag of swag.

This jacket was the highlight! Say hello to the "Nike Fearless and Bold" 

It's super comfy, a great layering piece and can easily be worn with street clothes as well. Between this and my new BLANKNYC jacket (post here), I am set for the fall! I know MANY of you ordered the BLANKNYC jacket...who's going to get sucked in on this one too?

As a reminder, C&C takes no responsibility for any purchases we may influence. i.e. you cannot tell your spouse/partner that it was our fault. That's just mean!

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