July 21, 2014

What A Wore: Night Out in the Neighborhood

Hi C & C readers! Katie here...

Two weekends ago I had some time to myself and decided to head over to Mazza Gallerie (a shopping area a mile from our house) to return a few things and browse for anything I might "need." The timing was perfect! Neiman Marcus was having an INCREDIBLE sale and I got this Shoshanna dress for $130 down from $360! To add to the visit, they were serving gelato while you shopped! For a minute I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Discount shopping and gelato all in one? 

With summer (and its humidity) in full effect here, the lightweight dress was perfect for a night out with friends at our new neighborhood restaurant - Macon. Playing on the two towns, Macon, GA, and Macon, France, the cuisine is Southern meets French, and it is delicious! 

Our neighborhood (Chevy Chase DC) was in dire need of a local haunt with good food, wine, and cocktails. And I've got one word for Macon (in French or English), bravo! 

The service is friendly (just what you'd want in a neighborhood restaurant), the wine list is chalk full of obscure and delicious French wines, the cocktails are innovative, and the food is DELICIOUS. I had the cauliflower steak with ratatouille, spring vegetable emulsion, and thyme crumble. It was AWESOME. This is definitely going to be my go-to for our nights out here. 

Both of our friends ordered the shrimp and grits (a special that night) and gave it a 10 (and they are definite foodies). Unlike a more Southern shrimp and grits, they both said the French influence was very apparent in the dish.

Dr. B went for the class steak frites. I might have "borrowed" a few of his fries...and they were perfection. 

We started with an order of the biscuits with honey butter and pepper jelly (I didn't snap a pic). I'm not normally a bread person, but I've never turned down a biscuit - and these were worth every calorie. On our first visit to the restaurant (a few weeks prior), I also tried the le puy green lentils - which were savory, yet light all at the same time. These are going to be a favorite during the winter months. 

And, of course, I can't get out of a restaurant without dessert. The blackberry cobbler is served warm with creme fraiche in a mason jar. I've never met a cobbler I didnt' like, and this was no exception. We also tried the coffee praline sundae - and needless to say it looked as if we'd (okay, maybe me) licked the jar clean. 

If you live in the D.C. area, do yourself a favor and add Macon to your date night list (they take reservations). You won't be sorry. 

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