July 23, 2014

Travel Tips That Will Change Your Life

It's me, Katie!

Last week I came across this article of 40 travel tips that will change your life forever and it had to be shared. There are a few that I'm definitely going to be using on my next trip. 

First, did you know you can create an "icognito window" when searching for airline flights? It makes sense that sites like Travelocity and Orbitz cookie your searches. I'm curious to see if this really works.

I've always got a charger and my headphones in my bag when we travel - and this idea of putting them in a sunglasses case is brilliant! 

While I always take a copy of my passport with me (better to leave the actual document at the hotel in the safe and put a print copy in your purse), keeping a scanned copy on my phone is an equally good idea! 

I usually pack for Dr. B, and this trick is genius! I'll be putting his belts to good use on our next trip. 

And I'll end with my own travel tip....you may remember around Christmas a post about my collection of ornaments. Whenever we go somewhere, I pick up an ornament. That way, every year when we put up the tree, we can recount all our travels. It's one of my favorite things about Christmas. 

Any travel tips they missed on the list?

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  1. These are great tips to make travel more relaxed. It should be a time when you can unwind, recuperate from daily pressures and reflect on your life and dreams.