May 29, 2014

Jump Around

Last week a C&C friend (and reader) posted a picture of herself wearing this fabulous Seashorse Jumpsuit from LOFT. 

While she looks fantastic in it, I am not sure that I could ever pull of a jumpsuit or a romper. I'm just not sure the style is the best way to flatter my figure. Regardless, I still can't help but want one.

In April, Katie wrote a great jumpsuit post (here), so I thought I would share a few jumpsuits and rompers I might jump around in! 

I really like this 3/4 sleeve romper (also from LOFT).

I love this, but I am pretty sure my +1 would laugh at me if I wore it. 

I love the back of this jumpsuit. 

Do you own a jumpsuit?

1 comment:

  1. I didn't think I could wear one, but I just purchased this jumpsuit from express:

    And I'm shocked at how good it looks on my 5'2" curvy 4/6 frame. It's a good reminder to step out of our comfort zones every once in a while!