April 10, 2014

Splurge vs. Save

Slip on kicks (a.k.a sneakers) are HOT this spring! I've had my eye on a few pairs...remember these?

Well, I never pulled the trigger, but I have since been admiring other varieties of the style. How about these, the Vince Preston (only a mere $195)

Or the woven leather for $295! Seriously $295, for a pair of slip on sneakers?

As you know, we pride ourselves on finding the hottest trends for the coolest prices (oh wait...that's Payless). 

Anyway, because we love a good deal, once again, I am sharing a great find with you, the Ashton from ShoeMint! They come in 4 colors and are only $59.98. 

And not to make you feel bad, but yesterday ShoeMint was running a special where they gave $40 off every purchase, so I scored these in tan for only $19.98! I know, don't hate me for not sharing this sooner! I do have a life. 

Even without the discount, they are a great deal! And ShoeMint does give a discount to first time buyers, so you may have that going for you! As a side note, for those of you not familiar with ShoeMint, it is a "membership", so make sure that if you order something and you don't want to continue that you cancel your account! 

Happy Shopping! 

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