April 14, 2014

Products We Love

Remember when I promised I would find this necklace?

Well, thanks to a reader (Anne-Marie), I did! The designer is Diana Broussard. These resin necklaces are exactly like my Angela Caputi bracelet and necklace, just bigger! The necklaces range in size from 18-20 inches in diameter and are offered in a handful of colors for $250-$275. 

While $275 is a lot of money for plastic, I LOVE them, and I want one. Mother's Day is coming up. I hope my +1 is taking notes. 

Now the hard part...choosing a color.


  1. So glad to help! And hope you get one for Mother's Day!

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  3. Anne-Marie is the best gal in the WORLD! Be jealous, ladies! Way to go finding the necklace! <3 you bestie!