April 25, 2014

C&C in the Kitchen

On Saturday we hosted adults and kids for the Mini Fashionista's birthday. It was an ice cream themed party, and everyone had a great time. After spending far too much time on Pinterest searching for ice cream party ideas, I decided to make two varieties of ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cone cupcakes.

Here was the end result!

While I didn't make the classic ice cream sandwiches (I put sprinkles on them), I did make the others. I found this recipe for cake batter chocolate chip cookies and then added vanilla ice cream.

While these sandwiches may look complicated, they were actually really easy, and boy were they good. So good that I ate two...yes, that's 4 cookies! And I may have sampled the dough too. My father-in-law is NOT a dessert person, and even he enjoyed more than one of these yummy little sandwiches. They are so good I am already thinking about when I can make them again. 

The ice cream cone cupcakes were equally as tasty and a big hit with the kids. They are easier to eat than normal cupcakes and make less of a mess. For the cupcakes I used yellow cake mix and this quick vanilla buttercream frosting recipe. I will never use another frosting recipe again. This one is so easy and so good. 

For anyone who wants to tackle these fun treats, I highly recommend getting a ice cream cone baking tray. This made the baking process so easy, and it keeps the cupcakes upright to cool and be served.

One quick baking tip, once you remove the cones from the oven, poke a hole in the bottom of the cones. This will prevent them from getting soggy in the cooling process. Even if you do this, they will eventually get soggy (after a matter of hours), but the cupcakes are still fresh and tasty for a few days. 

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