March 17, 2014

Wedding Shoes: Part Deux

Right now Regan and are in Baja celebrating our parents' 40th wedding anniversary. We'll be back next week, but if you want to keep up with our warm-weather escapades, follow us on instagram @cardicouture. While we may be away from home, never fear, we've got lots of great posts planned for you this week in our absence. So let's get to it.

You might remember my search for the perfect wedding shoes. And thankfully I found just what I was looking for - even though I didn't know exactly what that was at the time. These were just the je ne sais quoi I needed.

With my big dress, I loved having them peak out pulling together all the details of the wedding (check out more photos). 

While you can't get the navy and white grosgrain, Manolo Blahnik's BB Striped Grosgrain Pump in black and white is the next best thing. 

Black and white is all the rage these days, and whether it's for a wedding or the office, these striped beauties would make the perfect addition to any girl's shoe collection. 

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