March 28, 2014

C&C on the Move

Katie and I spent last week with our family in La Paz, Mexico celebrating my parents' 40th wedding anniversary! It was a week filled with family time, eating, drinking and recreating.

This was our first time spending a week in La Paz. We've spent 25+ years at Punta Pescadero, so it was hard for me to go somewhere new, but we had a great time, and I will be more than happy to go back again soon.

We stayed at Costa Baja, a resort, marina and spa. We had a pool right near the house (top photo) and a fantastic pool at the beach club (bottom right). The photo on the left is the view from my parents' place. 

Katie and I enjoyed some nice long walks, barre3 on the patio, and cruising on the boat. 

The Mini Fashionista rocked her beach style...she's far more fashionable than her mom! 

Katie and the Mini had lots of quality time (top left). The Mini and I drank a few limonadas (top right), and she spent hours in the sand and at the pool. It's a rough life!

Another fun highlight of our trip was seeing the Venus, a 236 ft yacht designed for Steve Jobs. I have named it the iyacht. Sadly, he never saw the boat. It was designed by Philippe Starck's design company Ubik and built by Fedship for nearly $170 million US Dollars. The design lines look exactly like an Apple computer. It's really a site to behold. Rumor was they filled up with gas: 29 Thousand gallons for $125,000 dollars! WOW! 

Anyway, for anyone who wants to visit Baja and avoid the crowds of Cabo, La Paz is a hidden treasure and so is Costa Baja. If you happen to go there, I have one last suggestion... Il Rustico. This is the most amazing Italian restaurant. It's owned and run by an Italian couple and the food is crazy good. It's a heavenly slice of Italy in Mexico.

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  1. Wow, looks phenomenal! Congrats to your parents. The Mini Fashionista is so adorable and a fashion inspiration!