February 6, 2014

Not Your Average Homecoming Dress

A friend recently wrote for some advice on a dress to wear when her husband returns from serving overseas. Talk about a challenge! I can't imagine the pressure of finding the perfect thing to wear after being away from your +1 for so long. His homecoming will be in April sometime (which means the weather could be amazing, or not-so-awesome), in the afternoon, and she said she ideally wants something patriotic. While Spring lines are slowly making their way into the stores, here are some possible options. 

These two from Lilly Pulitzer are cute and conservative. Of the two the second is my favorite with a tasteful, deep v-neck (I mean seriously, they've been apart for a long time - a little skin never hurt anyone).  

Lilly Pulitzer Charlene Dress
Lilly Pulitzer Whitaker Wrap Dress

Kate Spade delivers some cute red, white, and blues, all of which could easily be worn again and will definitely make her stand out in a crowd.

Kate Spade Villa Silk Dress
Kate Spade New York Britta Dress

And last, but not least, my "old reliables." A DVF wrap dress hugs the body in all the right places and is a timeless classic. She can wear this dress for the rest of her life and every time she puts it on think back to that very special day. 

DVF New Jeanne Two Silk Jersey Wrap Dress

To add a little patriotism to the plain navy, a red patent pump could be fun!

DVF New Julian Two Matte Jersey Wrap Dress
M, I hope these give you some ideas. I'm always willing to go back to the interwebs for more searching - I love a good fashion challenge. I'm so happy that your man is coming home to you!

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  1. Amazing homecoming dresses to wear!!! The second and last one are looking beautiful. I love the color and design of the dresses are perfect.

    I have got wonderful dresses idea by reading the blog.