January 9, 2014

Resolution Prep

If you're like the rest of us, one of your New Year's resolutions is to make it to the gym more. Which means you obviously need new work out clothes. How can you get to the gym if you have nothing cute to wear! I was perusing instagram and Nordstrom had this for me.

If Zella workout gear can make me do this, I'm in! Falling prey to their social strategies, I headed to Nordstrom.com to check it out. After some research, I realized that Regan blogged about this brand back in 2011. Well, they're still going strong and have some really cute stuff. 

Star Fleece Hoodie
Live In Ikat Leggings
Beyond Soul Pants

They've also got great plus-size options. 

Essential Hoodie
Good Sport Space Dye Half-Zip Pullover
So get your gear and get your butt in gear for 2014!

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