October 7, 2013

Products We Love

Katie and I have always liked lunch boxes. Who wouldn't like a lunch box when it has Popples or Care Bears on it? 

Since the days of crimped hair, Popples and Care Bears are over, we've had to modernize our lunch box preferences. 

This is our current pick: The Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote from BUILT. They come in a variety of fun colors and patterns, are insulated and machine washable! 

As for what goes in the bag...Back in the day, we used paper lunch bags filled with plastic sandwich bags to store our lunch goodies.  But now it's all about reusable, eco-friendly products, so we've replaced our Ziplock bags with these reusable bags from LunchSkins. The Mini Fashionista uses them in her lunch bag as well.

If you take your lunch with you on a daily basis, these are two products you NEED in your life!

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