July 5, 2013

Products We Love

As you know, we do a lot of traveling with the Mini Fashionista. Ideally, wherever we go, she sleeps in a different room, in her own bed, but that doesn't always happen. Even if we have to sleep with her in the same room, we do everything in our power to avoid her sleeping in the same bed. Two is company, but three is definitely a crowd!

Thanks to my friend Lyndsay for introducing me to today's "Product We Love", the Regalo Portable Toddler Cot.

The cot weighs just over 6 lbs, is quick and easy to setup, and the Mini loves it! Sometimes she even pulls it out into the living room with her bedding to play pretend "sleep." 

It's perfect for sleepovers, road trips, camping and wherever else your travels may take you! If you don't have kids, but have nieces or nephews who come to visit, this is the perfect sleeping solution for the little people in your life!

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