July 2, 2013

Just like SJP

I'm a Sex and the City loyalist. I can still sit down and watch any of the episodes, no matter how many times I've seen them. I LOVED the first movie (shocking to make a TV show into a movie well), but the second left a lot to be desired. The best part about it was the fashion.

Remember these two Halston Heritage dresses that SJP wore? I loved them then and three years later they're still pretty amazing.

So, when I saw this knife-pleat maxi dress from Victoria's Secret...my mind went immediately back to the beaches of Morocco and the ever-stylish Carrie Bradshaw. If she can wear a pleated maxi, so can we, right? 

But wait, there's more. It's currently on sale for $98 and comes in six colors! And, fear not petite friends, two lengths! I'm torn between these two.

For the shorter version, while you can't buy it, you can rent a black version from Rent the Runway for $50, which I did for a friend's rehearsal dinner two years ago. 

Should I order the maxi? Any color favorites? 

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