June 6, 2013

Stacy Style

Ever since I saw Stacy Keibler on It's a Brad Brad World, I've been a bigger fan. Don't get me wrong, I don't spend lots of time thinking about George Clooney's flavor of the month (or year in this case), but I've been watching her (which translates to following her on instagram). Did you know she is only 33...it's likely we'd be friends if life put us in the same place...she seems pretty fun and awesome.

I thought her recent style at the races in Monaco and at the Cannes Film Festival was particularly noteworthy. I don't know if we have Brad to thank, but Stacy, you are lookin good girl. This Michael Kors top and skirt are by far my favorite look. Only a tall drink of water like she is, can pull this off.

I love the color blocking and simplicity of this dress.

Everything about these two dresses is perfect. She looks gorgeous!

And the girl knows how to do a more casual look too! 

She probably wasn't so happy later in the day after this little romper wardrobe malfunction (check the zipper). One more reason I like her - just regular girl like the rest of us.

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