June 21, 2013

C&C in the Kitchen

The Mini Fashionista and I begin nearly every morning with a smoothie, or a "shoo shoo" as she calls it!

Don't worry, we averted disaster with the carrot juice!

Our daily smoothie is a sure fire guarantee that I am packing her growing little mind and body with a bunch of healthy stuff (same goes for me).

This is what one of our typical smoothies looks like (we are Costco and Trader Joe's shoppers).

Everything goes into the Vitamix (a must have kitchen appliance for any smoothie lover), and a minute later! Tasty deliciousness...and vitamins galore! 

A few of my smoothie making tips....

Invest in a Vitamix- If you love making smoothies with frozen fruit (we also use the tropical mix with big chunks of papaya, mango and strawberries) it is the only way to go. Not only can it make smoothies, but it is also great for making your own nut butters, hummus, etc. This thing pulverizes seeds, peels, etc so you get health benefits of the entire fruit/vegetable! 

Buy in Bulk- We eat smoothies everyday, and the cost of the fruit, yogurt, etc. adds up. Costco is my go-to for Organic Kale, Carrot Juice, Frozen fruit and Greek Yogurt. 

Freeze your Greens- When your greens are on the verge of expiration, put them in the freezer! That way they don't go to waste and you won't taste any difference. 

Have good cups for the little people- I put the Mini's smoothie in a take-n-toss cup with straw. It keeps everything contained and is the perfect size. We don't "toss" them, but instead run them through the dishwasher and use again. 

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