May 24, 2013

Products We Love

Last week I was extremely lucky to be the recipient of these fantastic and bright hair elastics/bracelets from my friend, and fellow barre3 instructor Viva. 

Before I talk about the bracelets, let me talk about Viva. I am convinced that she has super human powers. This woman has three kids, is a barre3 and yoga instructor, bakes and cooks like a professional and is always working on some sort of craft project. She tells me the way she gets all of this done is by letting the laundry pile up every now and again. :) I'm convinced there is more to it! 

Viva started making V!V wear bracelets because, like so many people with long hair, she takes her hair down and pulls it back up throughout the day, thus accumulating hair elastics on her wrist.  She wanted something that looked just as good on her wrist as it did in her hair. She wanted real jewelry, real gold or silver, to go with her other jewelry, to sparkle. She also wanted something that she could wear when doing yoga or chasing her kids around the park. With three kids, Viva, like so many of us, struggles to find that balance between functional and fashionable. 

At least now with V!V wear she has solved the dilemma for jewelry! 

Not only can you choose your elastic color, but the gold comes in "twist" or "dot". Both are equally as fabulous!

Viva has so generously offered to give C&C readers 10% off V!V wear using the code CC10OFF. The code can be used on her Etsy site for the next two weeks. Happy Shopping!


  1. I am always inspired these women that can do it all & come up with something cool to sell too!!! I can't wait to order mine.

  2. I love you ladies for letting us now about these hair bands/bracelets. I can't wait to snatch up a bunch!

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  4. SOOOO cute! Way to go Viva! Great post!

  5. just ordered one. nifty! i always wear a hair tie on my wrist, so i'm glad they're finally being turned into bracelets...