April 26, 2013

Off to the Races

The Kentucky Derby is one week from tomorrow, and while most people don't have the the chance to attend the Derby, there are countless Derby parties. My college friend EC is attending a Derby party in Virginia and suggested we do a Derby themed post.

C&C is always up for a good challenge...and dressing for the Derby is definitely a big one. Not only do women have to find the perfect dress, but also the perfect hat. I knew immediately where I would start with the inspiration for this post, with the hat.

My good friend AL introduced me to the incredible hat milliner House of MacGregor based in Dallas, TX. Her hats are incredible and have to be shared with the C&C readers.

For this post I decided to take Derby Hats from House of MacGregor and style them with a dress I would wear them with to the Derby! And, in case any of you are actually going to a Derby party, I've chosen the dresses from Rent The Runway, so you can still place your order for next weekend!

So, off to the Races!

The bow on this red hat is over the top fabulous. And the Kate Spade Tiebreaker dress is the perfect compliment.

With this fantastic hat, I would pair the Mabrey Maxi Dress by Shoshanna.

Long dresses are not necessarily the norm for the Derby, but I think this would be a wining combination. 

The Derby requires a certain "look" and Kate Spade dresses definitely fit the profile. This black and white hat with the Hole in One Dress is another simple, chic combination.

This final combination is a little less Derby"ish" as the dress has a bit more edge, but I think paired with this hat it would be perfectly appropriate.

I especially love the back of this Derek dress by Slate & Willow

What would be your Derby dress and hat pick?


  1. I LOVE that first hat. Great idea to combine the fabulous hats with RTR! Excellent post.

  2. OMG...love the black and white option. You ladies are amazing. I wish I had a CardioCouture app that could shop along with me and tell me what to buy.

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