January 21, 2013

28 to Great Update- The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Week 1 of the 28 to Great challenge was good...I'd give myself a B+ for overall effort and compliance. Week 2 wasn't quite so great. It quickly went to s**t when the Mini Fashionista and I got colds, and we became, for the most part, on house arrest at the beginning of the week.

Working Out
All of my barre3 workouts, except the classes I taught (6 in 4 days) were online at home. I got in one 40 minute workout and two or three ten minute workouts. The dog got walked nearly every day, so at least I was able to get outside and get some fresh air. It wasn't the week to challenge myself in the fitness department. Sometimes it's okay to take a bit of a break, especially when you don't feel 100%.

The Good
As for the dietary portion of the challenge, let's start with what I did right...I drank lots of tea, did my best to drink water, and for my meals I managed to eat lots of vegetables, good fats and lean protein. I was especially proud of myself for taking a salad (photo 1) with me to my Junior League meeting on Wednesday night. Photo 2 is the barre3 Red Bean Quinoa Chili (recipe here) which is my favorite dinner dish so far! Photo 3 is a lunch salad which consisted of roasted vegetables and pork tenderloin that we had eaten the night before. Photo 4 is a breakfast of Greek yogurt, berries and walnuts. As always, we drank lots of smoothies too. I revel in that fact that the Mini Fashionista knows what flax and chia seeds are!

The Bad
As for my bad choices of the week...I once again ate too many of those delicious barre3 bars. I will NOT be making anymore this week. I splurged on a glass of red wine at dinner on Saturday night, but stuck to the "rules" of eating...while eating out, so I was proud of myself for that.

The Ugly
And then there was Sunday....well Sunday night was a complete right off. We were invited to a dinner party and all rules were broken. We enjoyed a most delicious Raclette dinner, complete with wine cheese, meat and more cheese and meat. It was worth every calorie! There were some green vegetables involved, but really, who wants to see that when you can stare at all of that animal product?

Onward to Week 3
As for this week...it's most likely my last week of really giving the challenge my best effort. We head to Sun Valley on Saturday for a week, and it will be challenging to keep up my disciplined eating, although I plan to give it my best efforts. It will be nearly impossible to resist a Bowl of Soul and a raspberry muffin at Java.

As for getting in my barre3 workouts...it all depends on whether or not my parent's Internet cooperates. I'm not holding my breath. Regardless, I will be getting in lots of alpine and cross country skiing and probably some snowshoeing as well, so it's not as if I will be sitting on a couch stuffing my face with Bon Bons.

Speaking of skiing...on Sunday I filmed a 10 minute barre3 ski conditioning workout, perfect timing for my trip!  Stay tuned for news of it being posted online for all of you to workout with me!

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